Galactic Goddess


Galactic Goddess, July 5, 2021, 9:12 PM.

The Galactic Goddess makes tangible the light that shines inside everyone.  She floats silently, full of air and still somehow made of stone, above a world perfect in its imperfections. 

She calls to mind some of the most ancient objects ever found, like this classic limestone sculpture of a female form found near Willendorf, Austria; its age is estimated at about 30,000 years.  An ivory sculpture of a female found at Hohle Fels Cave in Germany goes back even further, with a maximum estimated age of nearly 40,000 years–reportedly the oldest known representation of a human figure.

There are several rudimentary goddess-like objects that are much older, dating back hundreds of thousands of years, such as those found at Berekhat Ram in Israel and Tan-Tan in Morocco. Though there is supposedly adequate evidence—particularly in the former case—that they were human-made sculptures rather than natural objects that happened to look humanoid, their form is less definitively figurative.

If those great spans of time are too mind-boggling, this more recent goddess sculpture from the great Fernando Botero was created in 1997.

Archival pigment ink on thick 350 gsm photo paper. Signature and edition number included. Available as an 11×14-inch print, open edition, $150 and a 16×20-inch print, edition of 25, $275.



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Prints from my Night Bubbles series showing the psychedelic intricacies of ordinary soap bubbles photographed at night. Archival quality pigment prints on very thick fiber photo paper.