Gravity Glow


Gravity Glow, July 22, 2021, 10:18 PM.

When ancient light, emitted long ago by a distant galaxy, is on its way to earth, it can be intercepted by the force field of another, closer galaxy.

This night bubble image was featured on BBC Sky at Night magazine’s Instagram page, which suggested that, “at first glance”, this bubble resembled the phenomenon of gravitational lensing.

If you are ready to lose yourself in a glow that reminds you of light from before the earth existed, this is the print for you.


Archival pigment ink on thick 350 gsm photo paper. Signature and edition number included. Available as an 11×14-inch print, open edition, $150 and a 16×20-inch print, edition of 25, $275.



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Prints from my Night Bubbles series showing the psychedelic intricacies of ordinary soap bubbles photographed at night. Archival quality pigment prints on very thick fiber photo paper.