My Still Life Life (2013-Present)

Selected Oil Paintings, ~2013-2016

Just what is it about some objects that give them an otherworldly quality?

In recent years, I’ve searched out and painted hundreds of such objects, and the images above depict a selection of my favorites. Painting these objects captures a feeling that something great is happening. It’s the kind of feeling you get when the light’s hitting something just the right way and you’re just like “I love that”. My work in archaeology has probably influenced the catalog-like layout and straightforward titling of the images, as well as strengthened my connection to inanimate objects.

My still life paintings have shown at the Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA (2013), Interface Gallery in Oakland, CA (2014) and Rise Above Gallery in Oakland, CA (2014). Several are currently for sale in the gift shop of the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA.

Several works pictured here, most notably “Glittering Stone in the Beam of a Flashlight“, which inspired my in-progress series on flashlight beams, were created in the spring of 2016 during a secluded artist’s residency at the Morris Graves Foundation.