About this Site

This website features Emily Wick’s illustrated essays on how altering sensory input can reveal new worlds hidden in plain sight. She is currently working on a series of photographs of soap bubbles at night. Follow her on Instagram @emilywick

About the Artist

Emily Wick is an artist living in Oakland, California. Her work has been featured in KQED Arts (“When Everything Feels Backwards, Emily Wick Raises a New Flag“) and The Guardian (“Mapping Out the American Dream“) and shown at galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Her two films Buried Stories (2008) and Life With Alex (2012) have been shown in film festivals nationwide. She has been an artist in residence at the Morris Graves Foundation and Beechwood Arts Center, and ran Oakland art space Smokey’s Tangle from 2009 to 2018.

Emily Wick with a grapefruit and purple-lensed glasses. Left: naked eye. Right: view through purple lenses. (Full article: “The Flower-Popping Power of Purple Lenses“).