Pool in Flight (2021)


Pool in Flight, September 3, 2021, 10:29 PM.

A swimming pool gives humans a chance to relax and play in the water and be free from the constraints of gravity.  Even the sight of a swimming pool in a photograph or painting is powerful, especially when its blue water is lit up at night.

But what about the pool itself? Does it ever get to travel, or to experience weightlessness?  A liquid rarely even gets to have its own shape outside of its container, and even in those moments of transition—when it flows—its shape is always changing. 

The relationship between liquid and solid—between flexibility and rigidity—as a metaphor for human temperament is a frequent subject of the insightful YouTube channel Objective Personality . 

In each of us, they say, are parts that are solid (fixed, stubborn, hardcore, and rigid), and parts that are liquid (laid-back, changeable, a pushover), and this follows a pattern: someone who is very stubborn in one aspect—e.g.,  politics, tastes, etiquette—will be predictably flexible in an opposite aspect. 

This print will draw your attention to what is most fluid in you: is it in transition and flowing free, or is it at rest? 

Archival pigment ink on thick 350 gsm photo paper. Signature and edition number included. Available as an 11×14-inch print, open edition, $150 and a 16×20-inch print, edition of 25, $275.


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Prints from my Night Bubbles series showing the psychedelic intricacies of ordinary soap bubbles photographed at night. Archival quality pigment prints on very thick fiber photo paper.